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What we offer!

With almost 3 decades of profitable experience trading the markets its a great way to give back to struggling traders.

Who we serve, what we offer and why we exist!
Anyone in the #stockmarket that is #swingtrading #daytrading or those who have taken #tradingcourses and have continued to make losing trades .... this is the forum to join to change your fortunes around!

There is no pretense of "trading guru" status or 95% strike rates on profitable trades, but instead our aim is to provide the tools and methodology to develop a robust approach to making steady gains based on low-risk, hi-probability trades in the market.

The key here is to understand fully that you do not know where the market is heading, or what happens next and frankly nobody other than the market makers have any idea. 

What you can know is the probability of the trade going in the desired direction based on the quality of the trade setup.

So if you’re interested in building a diversified portfolio of stocks, index funds, or short-term investments, we'd be happy to help you get back on track.


Join us and let us assist you in making smarter trading and investment decisions.