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Any trader who underperforms the annual growth rate of the S&P500, has a lot about their trading style that requires improvement.

We offer a no BS approach, focused on you, your trading habits, and how to get you moving from Red to Green in your trading.


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Also, we've done the hard yards, suffered the losses, and developed an easy to follow, systematic trading system, that anyone can master, and start earning consistent gains in the stock market.

You need a systematic approach to trading stocks. One that ignores the noise, focuses on price, volume, momentum, and relative strength. The rest is just there to confuse you and move you into making emotionally erroneous trades.


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Depending on whether you are a Swing Trader or medium-term investor, we provide trading setups for breakout trades, pullback trades, and strong momentum based  ETF trades.

Including entry price, stop loss, profit targets, and reason for entry.

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